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Film: Inner Vision Film (2014, Dir. Cecile Embleton)

A documentary following the Inner Vision Orchestra on their first national UK tour showing “the power of music to transform lives”. Produced by the Baluji Music Foundation and filmed by award winning cinematographer Marie-Cecile Embleton.

The film features 10 blind musicians from 6 different countries and aims to raise awareness of what blind and visually impaired people can achieve, and promote positive attitudes towards blind people and the appreciation of their abilities.  

We hear the musicians rehearsing, sharing thoughts about what music means to them, and navigating trains and coaches on their way to theatres across England. We share the delight of the audiences and hear some amazing music. These are moving and uplifting portraits which document the musicians’ unique experiences and the challenges they face in life. 

The film is available for screening events, followed by a short concert performed by some of the musicians from Inner Vision Orchestra. Then the audience will be invited to ask any questions to the musicians about music and living with sight loss.

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