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About Us

The Baluji Music Foundation was established in 2008 by 

 Baluji Shrivastav OBE,

Indian multi-instrumentalist and composer featured by ARC/Naxos Music and artist/producer

Linda Shanson 

Baluji and linda past and present.png

Baluji Shrivastav OBE is one of the greatest instrumentalists India has produced excelling in sitar, surbahar, dilruba, pakhavaj and tabla. The outstanding characteristic of Baluji’s musical career is his versatility. His ability to concentrate on sound as his primary mode of interaction with the world has enriched his musicality and his courageous attitude to life is reflected in his approach to music. Firmly established in the Hindustani classical tradition he delights in exploring music in all its forms, entertaining the world at the closing ceremony of 2012 Paralympic Games with Chris Martin and Coldplay. He composes for film, dance, theatre and original works for Western orchestra and Indian ensembles. He is “sitarist to the stars”- Evening Standard - recording with Massive Attack, Madness, Doves, Amorphous Androgynous, and performing with great artists such as Stevie Wonder  He has his own Jazz ensemble Jazz Orient/Re-Orient and has recorded many albums.

IVO at the Paralympic Closing Ceremony 2012.png

Baluji Shrivastav, performing with the Inner Vision Orchestra as part of the Paralympics Closing Ceremony, 2012

Baluji was awarded the OBE for services to music and as founder of Inner Vision Orchestra. He received the GG2 award for “overcoming adversity”, the Jewel of India “Hind Rattan” from the Indian Government “for exceptional services both national and international to mankind” by The World Peace & Prosperity Foundation at the House of Lords and NRI (Non-Resident Indian) of the Year for Culture 2017 from Times of India. Recently elected to be on the Musicians Union Equality Committee.

Linda Shanson is a singer/songwriter, dancer, writer and producer. Her first published song was Winter In Spring after it was broadcast on the BBC when she was 13 years old. She composes and sings in various musical styles including Indian vocals. Her compositions and singing are on the ARC/Naxos and ZAH ZAH labels. She combines jazz and Hindustani music with dance in the top fusion group Jazz Orient also known as Re-Orient. Her extra-vocal improvisations earned her the title of 'Bjork on Helium' from the London Evening Standard. In a review of the album Bird Dancer Jazzwize Magazine said “Shanovitch’s voice in particular is striking and expressive throughout.” Linda recently won the Elmbridge Literary Competition for her short story Frankenstein in India, and her stories Journeys with the Gods were narrated by Akram Khan as part of an audio series called an Ancient Observer.

The founding principles of the Baluji Music Foundation:

- To advance access to artistic experiences for disabled people

- To advance experience and appreciation of the arts through cross-cultural artistic activities for people of all backgrounds

- To advance the public’s education in traditional, classical, and contemporary Indian music

To advance racial harmony, community development, and the promotion of diversity for people of all backgrounds and abilities through involvement in artistic activities.

Founder/ Musical Director - Baluji Shrivastav OBE
Founder/Artistic Director and Secretary - Linda Shanson
Manager - Lindsay Ireland
Sound and Media - George Schofield
Technology - Oscar C

Trustees - Mark Henry Swan, MBA, BSc and Dr. Tony Stockman. 
Additional management board: Ghow Ratnaraja, Peter Bosher, Kevin Satizabal, Agnes Meadows, Dr. David Baker, Steve Stanley 

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