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Inner Vision Orchestra performing with Eye Matter Singers for a free community event

Happy tunes to put you in a good mood!

22nd April, 6pm-8pm


Inner Vision Orchestra member Linn Davies has been running online singing workshops with members of Eye Matter community group, and they are ready for their second performance!  The fantastic singers will be accompanied by Inner Vision Orchestra members Linn Davies (vocals and leader of Eye Matter Singers) Baluji Shrivastav OBE (sitar and percussion), Kevin Satizabal (keyboard),  Abi Baker (violin) Kate Portal (squeezebox and vocals)  This event has been arranged by the Baluji Music Foundation and made possible with funding by the Vision Foundation.   Thanks to Suzie from Eye Matter for all her work with her wonderful Eye Matter network and the provision of food for the event.  

This event is free for blind and partially sighted people and their family and friends and will take place from 6-8pm with refreshments. Please register at the eventbrite link or email

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