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Ziad Sinno

Oud, violin, vocals

Ziad is a charismatic musician from Lebanon who came to England in 1985. He plays Oud, Arabic violin, keyboards and is also a vocalist. Ziad originally came to the UK to pursue dreams of becoming a physiotherapist so that he could back home and help people injured in the civil war, and his mother. A lengthy stay in hospital with glaucoma helped him integrate instead to a new life in the UK and new friends including the doctors and nurses. His UK musical journey started in 2012 when he joined the Inner Vision Orchestra and then the Paraorchestra in 2013. Ziad performed at the closing ceremony of the Paralympics and in Qatar. In his free time Ziad loves to practise and recording his music, particularly the Lebanese songs he used to sing in his childhood.

Baluji Shrivastav OBE

 “For Inner Vision I don’t want it to just be a collaboration between UK and India, more like UK / Bosnia, UK / Iran. Make it universal. That way we can have more musical traditions!”

Founder and Orchestra Director

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