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Thuy Mallalieu

Guitar, flute and vocals

Thuy was born in Vietnam but has spent most of his life in England, having been adopted by a Christian family. He grew up in West Sussex and now lives in London, working as an audio producer at the RNIB Talking Book Studios. He studied classical piano and sound recording at university and continues his musical pursuits, as a multi-instrumentalist, playing in bands, focusing on a diversity of musical styles including pop, soul, funk and jazz. He is passionate about music and technology, and is a keen advocate for accessibility as well as helping to train visually impaired people to master all kinds of technology. He loves to collaborate with musicians in order to help improve both technical proficiency as well as engendering a love and enjoyment of music.

Baluji Shrivastav OBE

 “For Inner Vision I don’t want it to just be a collaboration between UK and India, more like UK / Bosnia, UK / Iran. Make it universal. That way we can have more musical traditions!”

Founder and Orchestra Director

Southampton Mela 2021 flyer

Southampton Mela 2021

19 Sept 2021


Southampton mela online this Sunday featuring Baluji and the Inner Vision Orchestra

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