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The Chávez Twins (Fabiana and Paula)

Four handed piano

Identical twins Fabiana and Paula Chávez are pianists, music researchers and music educators born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They studied music at Santa Ana Institute under the guidance of Nélida Sanchez –disciple of Maestro Antonio de Raco– and they obtained their Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Arts from the National University of Arts. Fabiana and Paula have also participated in numerous master classes and seminars of prominent pianists such as Rosalyn Tureck, Miguel Angel Estrella, Elsa Púppulo, Eduardo Hubert, Ivan Citera, Pascal Rogé and Rolf Hinds.
These young twin sisters lost their eyesight gradually due to a genetic disorder called Stargardt Disease, which eventually left them completely blind. This new condition allowed Fabiana and Paula to commence a unique research activity to help visually-impaired music students to find the best way to read music scores and improve their playing.

Baluji Shrivastav OBE

 “For Inner Vision I don’t want it to just be a collaboration between UK and India, more like UK / Bosnia, UK / Iran. Make it universal. That way we can have more musical traditions!”

Founder and Orchestra Director

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