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Adelaide Jang


Adelaide Jang was diagnosed blind from birth and with glasses can discern shapes and colors in their one remaining eye. They grew up without ever touching musical instruments, having always wanted to play the harp but never having the opportunity or the encouragement from others around them. In September 2020, at the age of of 32 they decided to realise that dream, rented a harp and begun lessons. They have since excelled through musical grades, participated and won in international competitions, performed with orchestras, gained music theory study qualifications, and given radio interviews and public performances. They gave up their previous career entirely to focus on the harp and have since cultivated a community online through the Twitch streaming platform, that seeks to empower and champion the adult or disabled learner who wishes to achieve proffessional musicianship despite the hurdles. Adelaide, known online as NervousHarpist shares their daily practice live on stream, inviting musicians and non musicians alike into a world where music doesn't just happen; it is carefully and often frustratingly learnt and put together, the entire process visible as it happens, warts and all. Their goals are to gain enough experience to one day be the first blind adult learner to be employed in a major symphony, and most importantly to further the study of harp pedagogy. By focusing on the strengths within sightloss such as hearing and proprioception, in conjuction with gestures, proper use of momentum their aim is to develop a specific approach for effortless playing. Above all, Adelaide wishes to inspire a greater audience of adults to follow their dreams regardless of age, disability or aspiration.
Adelaide currently studies with Katie Wychulis and Heidi Lehwalder: the last pupil and protégé of the late Carlos Salzedo.Adelaide currently studies with Katie Wychulis and Heidi Lehwalder: the last pupil and protégé of the late Carlos Salzedo.

Baluji Shrivastav OBE

 “For Inner Vision I don’t want it to just be a collaboration between UK and India, more like UK / Bosnia, UK / Iran. Make it universal. That way we can have more musical traditions!”

Founder and Orchestra Director


Shoes to Shine

Jan 01


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