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Empowerment - Creativity - Inclusivity


"Inner Vision Orchestra taught us that music is the birthright of all of humanity.. "

Fabulous feedback from the IVO's performance at Liberty Festival in Croydon earlier this month. The orchestra partnered with Rachel Gadsden who painted as she was inspired by the music. "Something joyful can result from a collaboration of cultures, reflecting the Liberty Festival's message that art must be for everyone". Full review here - In the words of Kevin Satizabal, pianist with the IVO "a magical night".

Image shows from left Rachel painting on stage, Kate portal playing squeezebox, Baluji Shrivastav on sitar, Ghow Ratnarajah on khanjeera, Takashi Kikuchi on viola and Kevin Satizabal behind an upright piano. In the foreground of the image is part of the audience.

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