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The Baluji Music Foundation

is a blind-led, inclusive arts organisation encouraging participation in music by people from different cultural perspectives. We especially welcome blind and disabled people.


Our motto is "sharing the joy of music” which we promote through performances, workshops, collaborations, films, research and other exciting projects. We promote the understanding and enjoyment of music and performing arts from the Indian Sub-Continent in all traditional and evolving forms.

Our showcase project is the Inner Vision Orchestra of talented, professional blind musicians which performs nationally and internationally. It is the only professional orchestra of blind musicians in the world. We are proud to bring people together from different communities to make music that crosses cultural divides. We celebrate the power of music to transform lives!

Antardrishti-Inner Vision Trailer

Antardrishti-Inner Vision Trailer

Dan Mitchell 

Assistant Manager

Tess Andersen

Art Director

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

BRAVO VICTOR completes project exploring UK music industry accessibility for professionals with V.I.

IVO performs at IBSA World Games 2023!

"Inner Vision Orchestra taught us that music is the birthright of all of humanity.. "

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